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The future of organ performance…..today
The world-renowned Curtis Institute of Music has partnered with All Hallows Episcopal Church Wyncote to bring the current group of Curtis organ students to All Hallows in a series of concerts during 2022-2023.   A series of 4 organ concerts will be played on the historic Skinner Organ beginning on October 1, 2022 at 7:00pm.
Introducing the performers, Alan Morrison, Haas Charitable Trust Chair in Organ Studies, at Curtis said, “Our students perform all over the country (and the world), in venues large and small. They welcome the opportunity to play in this intimate performance venue on a classic organ that has been designed to complement the acoustics of the building.”
Morrison has identified four current students who will perform in four concerts during 2022-2023. They are Emily Amos (October 1, 2022); Alexander Leonardi (November 19, 2022); Isabella Isza Wu (February 11, 2023) and Oak Martin (April 29, 2023).  
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October 1, 2022
Alexander Leonardi
November 19, 2022
Isza Wu
February 11, 2023
April 29, 2023
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The Curtis Institute of Music educates and trains exceptionally gifted young musicians to engage a local and global community through the highest level of artistry. For nearly a century Curtis has provided each member of its small student body with an unparalleled education alongside musical peers, distinguished by a “learn by doing” philosophy and personalized attention from a faculty that includes a high proportion of actively performing musicians. With admissions based solely on artistic promise, no student is turned away due to financial need. Curtis invests in each admitted student, ensuring no tuition is charged for their studies and they enter the profession free from educational debt. In a typical year, Curtis students hone their craft through more than 200 orchestra, opera, and solo and chamber music offerings in Philadelphia and around the world. Learn more at Curtis.edu.

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About All Hallows
All Hallows Church, Wyncote, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1891.  We are a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania of the Episcopal Church, USA, which is part of the Anglican Communion.
All Hallows is a community of faith centered in worship, grounded in scripture, with a desire to grow ever more faithful in our lives centered in Jesus Christ.  Seeking to engage in a journey of faith that integrates the beauty of tradition while responding to a call to discern new ways to seek God’s presence, we invite you to come and see, to pray and to discover a spiritual home that nurtures your soul.